At Searcy Building Systems, we provide more than just metal buildings — we provide the expertise to customize your building exactly to your application and budget. We have all the features, accessories and know-how to deliver the perfect metal building for your needs.

Browse through our comprehensive list of structural design features and accessories to learn how you can add visual interest and enhanced functionality to your steel building.

Structural design features

There are several structural design features that can add some visual interest as well as functionality to your building. Overhangs, facades / mansards, framed openings, wainscoting and parapet walls are some of the most common ways to tailor your metal building to your needs. Ask your Searcy Building Systems consultant which of these would work best for your needs.


The most common structural feature, overhangs are used to create a more residential or customized look. They can be added to the eave sides (sidewalls), rake ends (endwalls) or around the total perimeter. They’re great for directing water out and away from the building or providing shade.

Overhangs are typically 18” to 36” in depth, but can be up to 10’ out, and can also be designed with or without metal soffit panels to cover the underside.

Facades / mansards

Facades or mansards are typically used for retail buildings, and provide a superb area for signage and also shelter entry points and loading areas from rain or sun. Mansards can project out up to 6’ and project up between 2’ and 6’ tall.

Framed openings

We can provide framed openings for large doors, storefront glass doors and windows, or specialty windows.


Wainscot —characterized by color change in the wall sheets at a certain elevation above the finished floor— is a great way to customize the look of your building.

Wainscot is typically used for more decorative purposes. On buildings with taller walls, this color change helps to break up a large monotone area making it more visually appealing.

Parapet walls

Parapet walls— which can be added to one or more walls—differ from facades and mansards in that they have no projection. They’re wall panels below the roof line that extend above the roof line to a given elevation. Typically, they are added at the high eave and both endwalls of a single-slope building to hide the roof slope.

Metal building accessories

We can provide any of the below accessories at a competitive price. Ask your experienced metal building consultant how the following accessories might benefit your project.

Exhaust fans

Wall exhaust fans come in either 36” or 48” diameters. With up to 1½ horsepower motors. They feature heavy-gauge galvanized steel frame and have an extruded aluminum shutter with extruded aluminum blades that open and close when the fan is switched on.

Door canopies

Otherwise known as rake or eave extensions, canopies can be added to any wall, and can be designed as continuous roof canopies or below eave canopies.

Canopies can measure 2’ to 10’ out, and can be designed with or without soffit. They can support ground snow loads from 20 psf to 100 psf. And they can be wind rated up to 180 mph per IBC 2015. They have vertical rod attachment and telescoping channels, and come in most MBCI colors.

After-market canopies offer full shelter at walk doors and rollup doors. They’re a great source of shelter and shade for vehicles, farm equipment and are often used as a porch. 

Gutter system

Gutters are an essential component for diverting rainwater and snow melt from your roof and directing it away from your concrete slab. We can design a gutter system best-suited for your building.


Louvers can be used to generate cross flow for larger buildings, or provide the only ventilation in smaller buildings. We offer fixed 3’x3’ and 4’x4’ or adjustable 3’x3’ and 4’x4’ Galvalume® louvers in polar white or mill finish, each with bird screen.


Ridge vents

Our metal building ridge vents can be ordered as continuous or single units. Exterior parts are 26-gauge painted or Galvalume. Each vent is opened by a pull chain that extends approximately 12” below the roof and also comes with bird screens.


Our skylights and wall lights are manufactured with 100% acrylic sheets and reinforced with long-strand fiberglass, and each panel is coated in a hardy gel.Designed to produce diffused natural light —rather than using harsh direct sunlight— these heavy duty, opaque light transmitting panels meet or exceed all industry standards.

Slimline fixed windows

Slimline fixed windows —which do not open— are typically used in steel office buildings for lighting and viewing of outside areas. They are self-framing and do not require sub-framing unless requested. Typical sizes are 2’x7’ (2070) and 2’x’6’ (2060).

Thermal windows

Our insulated windows are offered in both horizontal slide or single hung models. The thermal break frame and insulated glass helps to maintain consistent interior temperatures regardless of the outside temperature. This thermal window is self-flashing / self-framing for installation convenience, but can be coupled with a steel subframe for added strength. They typically come in sizes of 3’x3’. 4’x’3’ and 6’x’3’. Other sizes are available upon request.

Walk doors

We offer insulated and non-insulated steel walk doors in 3’x7’ (3070 / single leaf), 4’x’7’ (4070 / single leaf), and 6’x7’ (6070 / double leaf). Each “knock down” door package requires assembly and includes weather strip, trim kit, leaf, frame, hinges and threshold.

Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to customize a metal building perfectly suited for your application. With more than 65 years in the industry, the Searcy Building Systems family has the expertise to guide you through the steel building construction process from beginning to end.

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