Our standard building features are anything but “standard” in the industry.  All of our buildings are engineered and manufactured with our customers’ best interests in mind.  We believe in providing our customers with a building and service that we ourselves would want.  At Searcy Building Systems, we are continually challenging ourselves to know our products and services, and to stay current in the industry.  Unlike some other companies, we will never be comfortable with the status quo – the “this is the way we have always done it” mentality.  We are committed to making your project a success because we believe that your success is our success!

All Searcy Building Systems buildings include the following upgrades:

  • Certified and Accredited Manufacturing Plants.
  • One dedicated Building Consultant and Customer Care Representative for the entirety of your building project.
  • 3 copies of stamped, certified building and anchor bolt plans.
  • 26 ga PBR roof and wall panels for a more weather tight building envelope.
  • A written 20-year panel finish warranty against peeling, chalking and fading.
  • Deluxe base angle with flashing.
  • Insulated personnel doors complete with key with weather-stripping.
  • Full cover trim at every large door opening for a finished appearance.
  • A fully engineered bracing design that will increase strength and rigidity.
  • Zinc Aluminum Capped/Lifetime roof and wall fasteners with washers.
Design features